Self-Managed Super Fund MORE


Cultivate Farms are finding as many ways as possible to demonstrate how anyone can own a farm. We have heard a lot about SMSFs and have been connected with Andrew Grinsell from Cooee Wealth Partners from a farmer in our networks who have been utilising their Self Managed Super.

We want to understand how anyone can be an investor in a farm through their SMSF.
Sam and Andrew’s conversation will give you a general idea of the options available to you.

You’ll need to work out what’s appropriate for you and your own circumstances.

For more information contact
Andrew Grinnell
Phone: 02 8894 0309

Questions :

1. What is a Self-managed super funds?

2. Why do people usually consider Self-managed super funds? What makes them take the leap?

3. Can SMSF be used to buy farmland?

4. Can it be used to buy a farm business or livestock?

5. What restrictions are there? What can and can’t you do?

6. Can you live in a house on the farmland owned by your SMSF?

7. What risks are there using your super? Who would you recommend considers this?

8. What are the costs of setting up and managing, compared to traditional super?

9. What are the financial benefits of setting up SMSF? Tax etc?

10. What are the steps in setting one up?

11. What stops people from setting one up to buy a farm?

12. Can you bring more people into your own SMSF to pool funds?

13. Do you have a case study you can talk about?

14. Can you combine SMSF with other investment funds available and debt?

15. Once the money is inside super it’s stuck there till you retire?

16. What else should be considered when using an SMSF?

17. Do you have to show the farm is financially viable?

18. What is the minimum you need to set up Self-managed super funds?