andrew durham

June 2018
Our problem is biological, not technical. Here’s what I mean.

Things don’t work because we don’t work. This is not because it’s normal for humans to malfunction and suffer, but because we are damaged. The damage comes from mass major trauma resulting from cataclysm over 10,000 years ago.

Just as the problem comes from nature, so does its solution. I happen to have discovered it. Once applied, it will topple our other problems like dominoes within days. 

The solution unleashes the _unfathomable_ power in individuals, literally Jedi/Neo level abilities. Which people like Gandhi and MLK gave hints of, but didn’t fully realize. We will. So scaling the solution globally would take only 10 people and two years. It is simple, cheap, and quick. 

Here is a summary.

1. Life begins whole, healthy, happy, harmonious.

2. These reverse due to mass major trauma.

3. Organisms are self-healing. 

4. The primary condition of healing is rest. 

5. Profound rest occurs as a biological response to extended total darkness.

This has three aspects.


– In darkness, the circadian system puts the organism in a state of rest, which deepens with time and degree of darkness.

– 45% of the brain and 10% of vital energy is dedicated to sensory processing which nearly ceases in darkness.

– The mind calms down in the absence of visual data.


Hygiene’s passive attitude toward healing aligns the hyper-rational ego with the unconscious process of healing, *super-accelerating* it.


A hygienic darkroom retreat  provides all the conditions of profound rest: safety, solitude, silence, darkness, warmth, fresh air, comfort, pure water and food, exercise, and time. It is a perfect storm for recovery.

My book on it, a complete manual from theory to protocol to computer-drafted plans for components, is free at Anyone with a home can test it over a 3-day weekend for less than $100 in materials.

The restful use of darkness is part of hygiene, nature’s complete system of health. Essentially, hygiene means _ conditional self-preservation_. Hygiene integrates with rational philosophy and thus with the rest of life on earth. Which even includes the facilitators of our current misery. But once restored to wholeness, we won’t need any of these complications.

Once suffering on earth is ended—a small problem, actually–our larger destiny can unfold. It’s time to stop messing around. Let’s solve the problem already.

June 2018
Hygienic Use of Darkness
Hygiene is passive toward healing. In other words, the will is mostly passive. The unconscious is active and drives the process. The will is secondary, a servant. Its main purpose is to rest so the being can restore itself to wholeness. Hygiene is thus a peacemaker, allowing the distressed will to finally rest and recover. 

Hygiene primarily depends on the autonomic self—omniscient, omnipotent, and infallible—to accomplish the work of healing. This hints at limitless results. There is nothing mystical, disciplined, or complicated about this approach. It is rational, safe, and natural: a reliable miracle.

Hygiene’s passive emphasis on rest and healing is very important because it defines the appropriate attitude toward retreating. I learned in fasting that how one approaches a retreat has a great effect on what happens in it. 

The mind becomes extremely powerful when it is resting and purifying. If one’s attitude is really to passively support the omnipotent healing forces of the organism in doing everything, the effect of this internal unity will be much greater than if one has the conflicted doer-attitude of a practitioner.

Three things the hygienic use of darkness is not:

 1. the discipline of meditation
 2. therapy
3. a psychedelic trip

These three approaches all share the vain attempt to end suffering by subjecting the unconscious to conscious action, as if mere attention, analysis, or reconditioning could fix the unconscious. 

They try to willfully improve what they regard as an inert, even resistant unconscious self, as if it were incapable or disinclined of doing so itself. 

Unfortunately, this attitude is ignorantly coercive toward the injured conscious self and discouraging to the omnipotent autonomic self. It is internalized tyranny predictably accompanied by triune brain-drain.

In contrast, hygienic use of darkness is passive as regards the will. The conscious self only plays a supportive role. The unconscious autonomic self is the principal actor. Zero conflict. Maximum efficiency. Perfect result. 

The essence of the hygienic approach is the recognition of the power of the  autonomic self. Hygiene involves no gold-leafed statues or exotic rituals or substances, but it has the virtue of being cheap, quick, easy to remember, and vastly more effective.

August 2018

. . . . . .  We didn’t learn trauma, so we cannot unlearn it. It has to heal, and that is an unconscious process. All you do consciously is provide the proper conditions.

There are things we learned (or acquired unconsciously, mostly) to compensate for being traumatized. But these disappear rapidly upon healing, like a cast from a well-healed broken bone in a doctor’s hands. Don’t try to unlearn this stuff beforehand. It’s helping you and your unconscious won’t let you anyway.

Which applies to the ego, as well. It is our best friend.

There is a fashionable idea that trauma is a memory and you can release it. In fact, trauma is damage by definition. Damage is not an entity separate from tissue. You can’t release damage without releasing the tissues involved. The tissue has to heal or go on being damaged.

Tissues are whatever they are. They can be something you can see under a microscope or not, something scientists have discovered or not. We don’t have to know. The organism takes care of it automatically with its perfect knowledge and total power. Whatever it is made of, tissue is alive and therefore self-healing.

Provided the proper conditions, of course.