Lets’ Look at Ways to Secure This Land

Brainstorm Possibilities
Yes! Possibilities to invest in 100 Acre Woods

1 Yes. Buy a share in property with your Self Managed Super Fund      more

2 buy a membership in RV Forest Beach Club      more


3 Invest in Co-Farm (a half-share or a share)      more
What does it take to convince an investor to co-own a farm with you. Claire Coates from Freeland Pork unpacks how she and her husband Marc were able to demonstrate their skill through the Cultivator program with Cultivate Farms. Reach out if you are keen to be part of our program in 2019. Questions:

1. How did we meet?

2. What was happening in 2017 with your farm

3. What did you think when I said we might have an investor

4. What was filling out the template like? How long did it take?

5. What did you want to achieve?

6. How confident were you? Leasing is key

7. What did you tell all your friends?

8. What was the investor looking for?

9. How is the farm going now?

10. What tips do you have for aspiring farmers who don’t have the cash?

11. What sort of person should apply?

12. Questions from others.