why do we need land trusts?

Land Trusts address a wide variety of topics that are relevant for a sustainable and resilient future:

  • They play a central role to protect farmland for food production rather than speculation.
  • They address the need to have resilient farms, able to withstand climatic changes.
  • They provide a solution to succession problems for retiring organic, biodynamic and regenerative farmers to ensure that their life’s work of ecosystem restoration and top soil gains can continue.
  • They support young and new entrant farmers and growers to access land, who do not otherwise have the means to acquire farming land.
  • They take the pressure off farmers who feel forced to maximise production in order to pay off debt.
  • They are advocating Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) – amongst other things, enabling urban residents to share responsibility for the land that nourishes us and have more control over how their food is grown.
  • They promote rural ecology, soil preservation and enrichment for generations to come.
  • They provide solutions for food security through diverse farming operations and value-added enterprises.
  • They address our need to own our common heritage in order to properly preserve and maintain it.