North Queensland Australia


Johanna Kloot  and Graham and Melinda Cox

Study Group and Consultations by Andrew Durham,
Author of “Hygienic Darkroom Retreat”

the build

September 15
call for volunteers –Volunteers on Site
Marion – everything
Lexie has helped out,  given a big boost.
Alan- metal work, wildlife-proofing, carpentry
Kevin – doors, door frames, fan mounts and 12-volt wiring etc
Dan Winter – enthusiasm, fresh-picked fruit delivery with a beaming smile.
Graham and Melinda Cox – supplied two doors and advice
Johanna Kloot – supplied shed in which to build the darkroom

for the first time in Australia, a darkroom is complete – south of Cairns, on 100 Acre woods, a walk to the swimming beach.

for an idea about how popular this is in Czech Republic (Czechia), there are waiting lists to experience the darkroom of over 12 months.
to find out if you are interested in this opportunity, you would need to read the first parts of book “Darkroom Retreat” by Andrew Durham.i.e. blurb, notes, forward, preface, introduction and chapters 1, 2 and 3.