Darkroom Builders Guild

Our Builds: hygienic darkrooms – built or existing rooms re-fitted
2019  Feb: Sweden
2018 Sept: Spain – Andrew
2018 Sept: Sumatra – Lougaya and Joa
2018 July: Oregon US – Scott
2018 July: North Qld Aust – Marion
2018 June: Crea Florida USA

March 27 2019: from Andrew, Book Study Group …. “I am always concerned with standards now. They must have a safety margin built in so they always work for others. It was fine for me to scrape by for years with failure point testing. You are also a trailblazer. For others, the way must be smooth and easy.”

July 4 2019:
We are trialing a patreon account for  supporters of Andrew Durham and his work to raise funds to assist with the continuance of his work and research.  At this stage, The site will be administered by Darkroom Builders Guild members (builders) and associate members – (retreatants) – all those who have directly benefited from the massive efforts of Andrew.

Another idea is that all the of the guild members (builders) and associate members(retreatants) who contribute can write stuff about what they are up to – giving folks an idea of what are the benefits to them post retreat, i week, 1 month, 1 year post retreat.

book by andrew durham

All the builders included here,  use the book “Hygienic Darkroom Retreat” by Andrew Durham. We receive personal assistance from Andrew in our telegram group, Darkroom Book Study where Andrew assists us with our various constraints and individual builds. And as we gain more experience, we can assist each other. And along the way, the author is able to refine the components and clarify the book for the benefit of all readers.


Listen to the Darkroom Book Study Audio

What is a Darkroom?

 Hygienic Darkroom = a dark resting place built in accordance with  the book, Hygienic Darkroom Retreatby author Andrew Durham.   GET THE BOOK

Hygienic use of darkness adheres to the principles of  * hygienic care of the body as delineated by Herbert Sheltondownload PDF Science-and-fine-art-of-natural-hygiene.
* pure food
* pure air
* pure water
* rest

Czech Republic (Czechia) is the capitol of darkroom retreat facilities in the world. Often, there is a waiting list of over 12 months.
map of darkrooms around the world

whether a standalone structure, a fit out of a room or trailer, or a room  built in an existing structure, darkrooms are always unique in shape and size, whilst still providing the essential components: the hygienic use of darkness requires that the principles of *hygienic care of the body are adhered to.  *as delineated by Herbert Shelton


Global Trust for Hygienic Darkroom Retreats

A non-profit group to enable folks to access the darkroom by donation. PDF download