i chopped my hair short

about two weeks ago, i chopped off my plait. my action came after i could bear it no longer. i was being bitten by bird mites. about 2 weeks prior, the incessant rain had convinced bird mites to move into my beautiful shed.

and they had been biting me for sixteen days. i did not have anything to get them to move out.  supplies were impossible to get because the roads were cut because of torrential rains. so the temporary fix was to get them off me. so i used what i had. eucalyptus and lavender oil and cleaning vinegar. i sprayed it all over myself and all over my bedding every day. then i had to dry the bedding so that it would not go mouldy. this took an hour or so every day kept the mites from me for a few hours, perhaps a couple of hours every day.

before i could get supplies to get the mites to move out, i knew that short hair would be easier to manage whilst i was being bitten. so i cut it short!  i would never have wanted to cut my hair as it had taken a couple of years to grow it! what a relief it was to rid my short hair of mites rather than long hair. until i convinced them to leave – after covering the whole floor with diatomaceous earth.

the diatomaceous earth had been down a couple of weeks, when i thought …. ok thats enough! i want my floor clean.
whoooah! i stopped myself from hosing out the whole shed, realising just in time that the rains are not over yet, the mites will return if i hose out the diatomaceous earth.

so i left it there.

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