Better than Evernote?

I am Looking for a text or notetaking app

Being a bit of a nerd, I am always looking for open-source alternatives to proprietary software, browsers, programs or apps when I need them.

Today, to assist me with writing, I am looking for a free and open source alternative to Evernote. Evernote is the standard go-to for writers. Who want a paid service.

Standard Notes

As a writer, I work in text, and text ought to be simple. For about two years, I have been using Standard Notes, a cross browser, cross platform with a default sync across all devices. It’s been great. Standard Notes always performs well. Yet now, I want something with an editor, something that I can include working links and images.

So I googled ‘better than evernote open source 2018’. If you are ever looking for some program or service or the like, always put the current year or near to the current year in your search words. The search results will be up-to-date. It saves a lot of wasted time.

So I googled ‘better than evernote open source 2018’.

I found Bear.
It looks good and two reviews rave about it. I shall try it out.

Happy Days!

PS  look in the right column for programs and apps  links to Things I Use

Logo_of_SimplenoteUPDATE 14 jun 19: i have just found another note app – for windows, linux, IOS, mac, android.
giving it a trial tonight.



2 thoughts on “Better than Evernote?

  1. Bear is a paid service.
    I am sticking to Standard Notes. It is the best free there is. And it is always reliable.


  2. as i think of them, i shall put links to the things i use and recommend in the online world and other nerdy stuff – look in the links list under “things i use”


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